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Monique Predovich

Position: Trustee
Term: April 2020 - December 2022
Appointing Authority: Town of Ross

Why did you choose to join MSMVCD Board of Trustees?

My life has been about service, and as a recent retiree also having recently relocated to Ross, I immediately sought out my next philanthropic venture. I heard there was a need to fill this seat, and I wanted to serve my community. I also look forward to  learning something new and being involved in ways that are helpful. And with Covid19, what better time to get involved.


What is your relevant expertise?

This is new to me. What I can bring to the table is to listen and look for flaws/play devils advocate in looking for what may/may not work.


 Educational/Professional background:

US Army veteran having served in areas of Logistics, State Operations, Military Intelligence, Aide DeCamp, and last post of Artillery Commander.

Small business owner running operations for 10 salons in 3 counties.

Semi-retired from Sport Performance Consulting with professional athletes and elite juniors on their sport performance & mental game.

Sport Psychology, MA

Exercise & Sport Performance, MA


List of service clubs belong to: 

Recent past volunteer service was with CASA as court appointed special advocate for foster kids in system.


List of other boards committees serve on:

Recently relocated to Northern California. In Southern California  I served 7 years on an HOA Board as VP.


Other information about self:

While I am new to this area of expertise, I am willing and able to learn, and more importantly willing to work.

My side hobbies include tackling new personal goals of achieving 14k+ treks, first having started with Everst Base Camp of which I completed last year's Himilayan trekking season.