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Ranjiv Khush

Position: Secretary
Term: December 2016 - December 2022
Appointing Authority: Town of San Anselmo
Email Address:
May contain: person, human, and man

Why did you choose to join the MSMVCD Board of Trustees? / Why is the mission of mosquito and vector control important to you?

My work focuses on public health in developing countries. Many of the challenges that these countries face are at least partly due to weak institutional capacity and inadequate resources for managing risks to public health, including vector borne diseases. In the United States, well-functioning agencies like MSMVCD have proven critical for reducing our exposures to vector borne diseases, and, thereby, improving public health. We should not take these accomplishments for granted, particularly as a warming climate introduces uncertainties regarding the spread and behaviors of vectors and their associated pathogens. I joined the MSMVCD Board of Trustees to understand what is needed to ensure that proper management of vector borne disease risks remains a priority in Marin and Sonoma Counties. 

What is your relevant expertise?

I am the Executive Director of The Aquaya Institute (Aquaya), a non-profit research and consulting organization that is dedicated to improving access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation in the developing world. Aquaya maintains offices in the Bay Area and Nairobi, Kenya. We conduct research activities across Africa and Asia, and focus on both public and private sector strategies for delivering water and sanitation services in low-income areas.

Educational/Professional background: 

My background is in scientific research. I hold a BSc degree in genetics from UC Davis and a PhD degree in molecular biology from the UC Santa Cruz.