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Brown Act Compliance


In 1953 California Assembly Member Ralph M. Brown drafted and secured the enactment of the State’s local government open meeting act, now known as the “Brown Act” (Cal. Gov. Code §54950 et seq.). The Brown Act balances public access to meetings and the need for confidential deliberations of the local governing body. The Brown Act requires that all deliberative and decision-making processes by the District’s Board of Trustees (“Board”) be open to public scrutiny, comment and participation, subject to limited exceptions that allow certain matters to be considered in closed session.


To establish District policy and procedures applying and complying with the Brown Act in order to promote transparency and openness in its operations and governance and to comply with the law.
The District is committed to the public’s right to participate meaningfully in meetings, and to review documents used in decision-making; the right to confidentially address certain matters in closed session as provided by law; and the right of the press to fully understand and communicate public agency decision-making.

Download the full Brown Act Compliance document below:

Brown Act Compliance.pdf


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