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Help keep your neighborhood mosquito-free by reporting neglected swimming pools

If you have an unmaintained pool or spa or know of one in your community that may be producing mosquitoes, please contact the District at 707-285-2200 or online here.

Improperly maintained or neglected pools and spas can produce hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes, resulting in neighborhood-wide mosquito problems that can increase the risk of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus.

Because mosquitoes thrive in dirty water with algae (these are often called “green pools”), it is essential to properly maintain pools, their filtration systems, and keep chlorine levels adequate. Leaves and other organic debris should be removed regularly from swimming pools and spas, and standing water eliminated from pool covers.


We can assist by:

  • Working with the property owner, tenant, or realtor to be sure the pool is not producing mosquitoes.
  • Placing mosquitofish in the pool to eat the mosquito larvae. This will provide temporary mosquito control until the pool can be repaired and/or regular maintenance performed.  
  • Treating the pool water with an environmentally compatible product that either inhibits mosquito development or kills the mosquito larvae.

Under the California Health and Safety Code, anyone who owns a pool or spa must maintain it in such a way that it does not produce mosquitoes. 

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