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Insect Identification

Due to the temporary closure of the district office to the public, we are not accepting walk-in samples for insect identification.

Residents are invited to call or submit an online identification requests (via the form below) regarding insects or other arthropods (spiders, scorpions, mites etc.) that affect their daily lives.

This service is subject to the following parameters and limitations:

This service is provided as time permits-other staff duties may take priority.

  • Phone calls will be returned as soon as possible, but not necessarily on the same day.
  • Identification may not be possible if the photo is blurry or if the specimen is in poor condition.
  • Some insects can sting or bite, so always use caution when handling them.
  • Extremely small crawling specimens (such as mites) can be collected by moistening a fine-tipped paint/watercolor brush and gently touching the tip of the brush to the  mite/insect. The specimen will stick to the brush and can then be gently dipped into a small, sealable container of rubbing alcohol. Gently swirling the brush tip in the alcohol will cause the  specimen to  fall off the brush into the collection container. Identification may take a week or more because the process of preparing specimens for microscopic examination may require a drying period of several days.
  • If you are submitting a sample for identification, please do not submit objects (such as articles of clothing, filters from air purifiers or vacuums, carpet, etc.) to be searched for insects.


Insect Identification Request Form

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