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Yellowjacket Control Program

Program objectives

This program strives to protect the public from potentially harmful or deadly interactions with ground-nesting yellowjackets. 

Scope of program

  • Treatment of ground nests: a small amount of insecticidal dust is applied to the nest entrance. Yellowjackets track the material in to the queen and the developing larvae, and control is usually achieved within 48 hours.
  • District staff utilize protective equipment to safely approach the nest; homeowners are not encouraged to attempt to eliminate ground nests on their own.
  • The Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District can only provide this service if the location of the nest has already been determined and marked by the resident.
  • The District does not treat aerial wasp nests, nests within structures, or bee colonies. 

Free services available

  • In-ground yellowjacket nests are eliminated free of charge for residents of Marin and Sonoma counties (if the location of the nest is known and marked). Click here to schedule this free service or call 707-285-2200. 


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