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District staff included 33 full time employees and a number of seasonal hires. All field and lab staff are certified by the California Department of Public Health in mosquito and vector control 


Phil Smith, District Manager                                                    (redacted)

Erik Hawk, Assistant Manager                                                 (redacted)

Jennifer Crayne, Financial Manager                                      (redacted)

Nizza Sequeira, Public Information Officer                            (redacted)

Eric Engh, Environmental Biologist                                         (redacted)

Jason Sequeira, Field Supervisor-Sonoma County             (redacted)

Marc Nadale, Field Supervisor-Marin County                       (redacted)

Nick Picinich, Rodent Control Specialist                                Nickp@msmosquito,org

Kelly Liebman, PhD, MPH, Scientific Programs Manager   (redacted)


MSMVCD Organizational Chart