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Rodent Program

Program objectives:

This program strives to provide residents with the knowledge necessary to prevent/manage rodent infestations and prevent the spread of diseases associated with rodents.    

Scope of program:

The District provides the public with information about rodent management and encourages residents to adopt an integrated approach to rodent control that results in better long term management of the rodent population. This approach includes:

  • Recognizing an infestation and identifying the pest that is present
  • Adopting practices that reduce the harborage, food and water sources available to rodents
  • Excluding or "rodent-proofing" buildings (interior and exterior)
  • Trapping rodents (when necessary)
  • Cleaning up messes associated with rodents

The District provides free rodent inspections to residents of Marin and Sonoma counties. During these inspections, District staff attempt to locate rodent entry points to structures, identify sources of harborage, identify the rodent species that are present, and provide recommendations to residents about how to make their property less attractive to rodents.

Our vector control technicians  do not trap, poison, remove dead rodents, or do exclusion work.

Free services available:

  • Residents may call 1.707.285.2200 for advice about rodent issues or to schedule a free inspection of their residence.
  • Presentations are available free of charge for neighborhoods/associations that want to learn more about how to prevent/manage rodent infestations. Click here to request a presentation.


Useful links:

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  • Information about excluding, trapping and cleaning up after rodents
  • Information about various diseases spread by rodents

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  • Integrated pest management of rats in the home and landscape
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