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Carol Pigoni

Position:  President
Term: August 2016 - January 2027
Appointing Authority: City of Cloverdale
Email Address:
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Why did you choose to join the MSMVCD Board of Trustees? / Why is the mission of mosquito and vector control important to you?

As a lifelong resident of Cloverdale, I believe it is important to be involved in my community and to represent the City on local and regional issues. I became aware that the position on the Board had been vacant for a significant period of time and through my professional career position, I felt compelled to give back to the community I live in. The MSMVCD addresses the future health of all citizens by mitigating the potential viral and vector-borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. The District handles its mission in an environmentally responsible manner while being protective of taxpayer assets.

What is your relevant expertise?

My relevant expertise is 41 years in local government which provides me with the understanding of Federal, State and local regulations including a background in local government finance. I am currently employed by the City of Sonoma as the City Manager.

Education/Professional Background:

I have worked in local government the whole of my 41 year career, working for the City of Cloverdale for 26 years in Accounting, Finance and Assistant City Manager before accepting a position with the City of Sonoma where I became their Finance Manager/Assistant City Manager and then promoted to City Manager. I have been with the City of Sonoma for 15 years. I will be retiring from government service in December 2016.

List of other city/town/county boards or committees you serve on:

  • Elected official (District Director) for Cloverdale Fire Protection District
  • Boardmember Fire Agencies Self Insurance Services (FASIS)
  • Boardmember Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund (REMIF),
  • Boardmember Sonoma Tourism Improvement District
  • Member. Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium
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