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Five ways to rodent-proof your compost bin

Composting is a great way to manage your waste. Not only will you be sustainably recycling the food scraps and yard trimmings you generate all year long, but you will also have nutrient-rich soil for your garden. If not done properly, however, composting can result in major rodent issues in and around your home.

The following tips can help keep rodents from enjoying your compost:

  • Avoid using plastic bins that sit on the ground or wooden bins with open slats as they are difficult to rodent-proof.
  • Keep compost bins off the ground by placing them on a cement slab or on top of paving stones. If this is not feasible, use a bin that has legs. If you do not have access to a fabricated compost bin or cannot place it on cement, use 1/4" wire mesh on the bottom to prevent rodents from burrowing into the bin.
  • Use a fully enclosed bin with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Do not add grease, meat, or dairy products to the compost.
  • To deter rodents from nesting in the bin, keep the compost moist and make sure to turn it regularly.

Other ways to reduce rodent populations in your yard include cleaning up scattered seed under bird-feeding stations, bringing in pet food at night, trimming overgrown brush, and picking up dropped fruit and vegetables in your garden. Learn more about rodent control and prevention by visiting our website at

If you think you are experiencing a rodent issue, we can help. Contact us at 707-285-2200 for a free rodent inspection.

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