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How does the District notify residents of adult mosquito control (fogging)?

The District has implemented an Adult Mosquito Control Notification Program as a courtesy to the residents of Marin and Sonoma counties. This program utilizes Everbridge Communication System to send out notifications to send out pre-recorded messages 24-48 hours in advance to homes within 400 feet of the area scheduled for truck mounted adult mosquito control (fogging). Maps of the scheduled treatment area can be viewed by clicking on the View Fogging Maps link.

Telephone numbers that are listed in the white pages have been provided via the Everbridge Communication System. Residents that do not have landlines or are not listed in the white pages will need to register online through the Everbridge Communication System website. Click here to enroll. This will take you to the Community Enrollment Page where residents can input and manage their contact information and preferred method of message delivery (landline, cell phone, text message, or email). Residents can also choose to opt out of receiving notification messages on the Community Enrollment Page.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the individual to maintain their current contact information.

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