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How will the materials you use to control adult mosquitoes affect the health of humans and other animals?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that pyrethrin-formulated adulticides, when used at labeled rates for mosquito control, do not pose unreasonable harm to humans, animals or the environment. Label application rates for mosquito control are normally very low (less than one ounce per acre). Pyrethrins are extremely photosensitive and break down within hours in the sunlight. 

There is no need to house your pets or livestock when an adult mosquito control application is being conducted: however, any concerns regarding animal health should be directed to a veterinarian.

People with chemical sensitivities could experience eye and skin irritation or an allergic type reaction if exposed to a pyrethrin-formulated adulticide application, and may want to contact their personal physician with any concerns.

All products used by MSMVCD are EPA registered public health pesticides labeled for mosquito control. Applications of these products are conducted by state certified mosquito and vector control technicians in accordance with label requirements and limitations.

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