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Landscaping tips to keep ticks at bay

Have you ever thought about your own backyard when it comes to protecting yourself and your pets from ticks? Most backyards aren’t prime habitat for ticks, but if your property backs up to open space or you have a large parcel that is overgrown or allows access to wild animals, you may encounter ticks. Ticks prefer to live in shady, humid areas such as leaf litter, tall grass and overgrown vegetation, so keeping a well-manicured yard can help reduce the number of ticks on your property.

Follow these easy tips to create a tick-free yard through landscaping:

  • Keep your lawn and decorative plants trimmed and well maintained.
  • Remove leaf litter and grass cuttings from your yard.
  • Create a tick barrier at the edge of your property by putting down a 3-foot gravel or wood chip border between your lawn and any unmaintained or overgrown natural areas (such as chaparral or woodland areas).
  • Move patio furniture and swing sets away from the edges of your yard to more open and sunny areas.
  • Choose deer-resistant plants and/or erect deer fencing.
  • Stack wood neatly in a dry area to discourage rodents.
  • Trim trees to allow for more direct sunlight, especially in frequently used areas. This will help reduce tick and small mammal habitat and cover. Ticks are less likely to be found in bright, sunny areas.

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