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Leafhopper Assasin Bug

May contain: insect, animal, invertebrate, and cricket insect

Scientific name: Zelus renardii

Size: 13mm (body length)

Where found: In the house- in bed!

Although this predatory insect is generally considered to be beneficial, it had an encounter with a Santa Rosa resident that was not beneficial for either party. The insect likely wandered or flew indoors and decided to seek refuge in a bed. This unfortunately resulted in a painful encounter with an unsuspecting person. Although this species is not known to feed on blood, it does have piercing mouth parts that can inflict a painful bite. As you can see in the photograph, the insect was "squished" during this encounter, and definitely chose the wrong place to take up shelter. Checking window and door screens for damage and keeping windows and doors closed are measures that the homeowner can take to reduce chance encounters with insects.

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