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No Adult Mosquito Control List

The primary mission of the District is to protect public health from mosquitoes and vector-borne disease through the management of immature and adult mosquitoes to a level that does not present a significant health risk.

The District's mosquito control program is based on scientifically planned management tactics and control strategies that reduce the abundance of mosquitoes in a timely manner. This method is commonly referred to as “Integrated Vector Management” (IVM) and incorporates five basic methods: public information and education, mosquito and vector surveillance, biological control, source reduction, and microbial and chemical control.

If you reside or own property, including a business, within Marin and Sonoma counties and are interested in receiving a notification message and/or would like to be added to the No Adult Mosquito Control List:


Should you decide to add your name to the No Adult Mosquito Control List please be aware that you will continue to receive a notification message if your property is located within 400 feet of truck-mounted adult mosquito control application.

By choosing to exclude your property from truck-mounted adult mosquito control applications please be advised that:

  • Other mosquito control efforts will continue as normal
  • A notification message via your preferred method of delivery will be sent 24-48 hours prior to any truck-mounted adult mosquito control efforts being conducted within 400 feet of your address
  • If an imminent health hazard has been declared, adult mosquito control applications will occur on all properties with no restrictions.

In the event of an imminent health hazard the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District (MSMVCD) will make every attempt to notify individuals who have chosen to sign-up for the Adult Mosquito Control Notification program. However, the District may not be able to make contact in the event that immediate applications are deemed necessary to protect public health.

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