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Susan G. Hootkins

Position: Trustee
Term: August 2017 - December 2022
Appointing Authority: City of Petaluma
Email Address:
Trustee Hootkins

Petaluma needed a representative and I am interested in the work of the District to protect public and animal health. Robust vector control protects my health and the health of my bird and horse. Without aggressive mosquito control we would not be able to enjoy the outdoors.I am very supportive of the District's public education activities and materials.

What is your relevant expertise?

Project Manager for preparation of the District's Programmatic EIR and similiar EIRs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Educational/Professional  background:

BA Human Biology, Stanford University, 1973

MUP San Jose State University, 1981

Planner in Public Sector, 1973-1990

Other information you wish to share about yourself:

I moved to Petaluma (Sonoma County) in 2007. Have owned and ridden horses since 2001.