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Tick School

  • Our classroom tick presentations focus on safety tips as well as the biology and ecology of ticks.
  • Each class borrows a life cycle kit that includes preserved tick specimens, magnifers, and a tick life cycle wheel.
  • Students are provided with activity books that reinforce what was learned during the lesson.

Our curriculum:

The following list includes the presentations and activity books that we use. Presentations are provided in PowerPoint format.

Grade: Kindergarten-2nd

Ticks: Life Cycle and Safety Tips

While exploring a digital oak woodland habitat, students learn the tick life cycle and safety tips. The lesson concludes with an exciting, interactive matching game that reinforces the topics from the lesson.

PresentationActivity Journal

Grade: 3rd and up

Ticks: Biology, Disease and Safety Tips

Upper graders discover how ticks are important vectors of disease for humans and animals. Lyme disease is used an example to illustrate how the disease cycle includes certain ticks, wildlife and humans.

PresentationActivity Journal


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